About Simdikoff Group

About Simdikoff Group

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Simdikoff Group is a group of companies that promotes advanced technologies worldwide. It includes Simdikoff and Sons, Simdikoff International Russia and CitySun.

Founded in the last century and named in honor of the remarkable Soviet engineer Yury Ivanovich Simdikova, Simdikoff Group over many years successfully working with the Government of the Russian Federation, Australia, Victoria, Indonesia and many others.

We are participants in many conferences, forums and exhibitions in different countries. Our name is well known in the aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, oil and gas, mining and automotive industries.

Our main objective is to promote and implement MADe technology - the world's first model platform AUTOMATIC calculation of risks, their severity and the consequences for the entire system.

For more information about MADe You can contact us by telephone, email, and filling out our contact form