List of abbreviations

FMECA- Failure mode effects and criticality analysis

ALKN- Alternative LCN code

LSA- Logistic support analysis

RCM-Reliability centered maintenance

LORA- Level of repair analysis

LSAR-Logistic support analysis record

LCC- Lifecycle cost

ILS- Integrated Logistic Support

ISSP-Integrated supply support procedures

IETP-Interactive electronic technical publication

CSI- The design product structure

SRUShop replaceable unit

SE- Structural element

LCN- Logistic control number code

LSI- Logistics trsuktura products

LSF- The structure of the logistics

LE- Logistical element

MD- Data Module

MTO- Logistics

CSDB- Common source data base

LCC- Life-cycle costs

STE- TECHNICAL operating system

MRO- Maintenance and repair

SIF- The physical structure of an instance of the product

EDI- Electronic data intercchange

ESP- The electronic structure of the product

EDS- Electronic display system

EDI- Electronic data interchange