MADe PHM offers software tools for the next generation of engineers who develop or analyze the process condition maintenance, on-board monitoring and diagnostic evaluation of the technical state of PHM and functions for systems of critical importance, including security.

Using model systems and data fault, MADe PHM allows the user to design a combined set of sensors for new or legacy systems to compare financial and technical parameters for each of the sets (for example, cost, weight, reliability and so on. D.). Module MADe PHM can be used at all stages of the design process (conceptual, configuration, detail, technological upgrading, improving) and is optimized for engineers involved in the forecasting and management of the technical condition and using the data collected for the analysis of complex, integrated multidisciplinary systems (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic , software, electrical and electronic).

List of benefits:

 create optimal sets of sensors for system design based on the analysis of the nature, impact and importance of failure

- Automatic calculation of the minimum number of sensors required for system design

- Testability analysis system project

- Providing alternative sets of probes for the project-based system of monitoring requirements

- A quick study of alternative solutions design directly on the screen based on the required coverage and user-specified parameters

- Suitable for new and existing systems projects

- Automatic preparation of reports, support for custom report templates

- Elimination of problems with the geometry of the project