Software MADe RAM is used to identify potential problems in the design of the system and the definition of criticality and reliability at all levels - from parts or replacement element to the level of the system. MADe RAM allows engineers for reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) to conduct their analyzes in parallel with the design process.

MADe RAM offers software tools for the next generation of engineers involved in ensuring the reliability, availability and maintainability of systems of critical importance, in Vol. H. Security. With the help of system models and data faults.

MADe RAM makes it possible to carry out an analysis and determine the critical threshold, assess maintenance to ensure the reliability of the assessment of reliability, fault tree to create, simulate and analyze the availability and maintainability.

Appendix MADe RAM can be applied at all stages of the design process (conceptual, configuration, detail, at technological upgrading, improving) and is optimized for engineers involved in ensuring the reliability, availability and maintainability, and use the collected data for the analysis of complex integrated multidisciplinary systems (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, software, electrical and electronic).

List of benefits:

- Assessment at the level of the entire system using the aggregated data (part, assembly, subsystem)

- Calculations and analysis Reliability systems based on specific failure modes

- Calculations and analysis Availability systems based on specific failure modes

- Automatic generation of fault tree analysis and

- Configurable visualization tools (charts)

- Automatic preparation of reports, support for custom templates / reports

- Integration with other information systems