MADe - a software tool for engineers, allowing to model parts, components, subsystems and systems products for the purpose of identifying and evaluating possible problems with the functionality and safety of the project (analysis of the nature, impact and importance of failure). MADe system can be applied at all stages of the design process (thumbnail, configuration, technical, updating and upgrading of technology) and is designed for complex integrated multidisciplinary systems (mechanical, hydraulic, electronic).

List of benefits:

- Rapid development of the model system (the library)

- Automatic analysis of responses to failures throughout the system

- Automatic tracking of the passage of failure on the system structure

- A variety of methods for assessing risk and criticality

- Automatic preparation of reports, support for custom report templates

- Configurable visualization tools (charts)

- Automatic data export reports faults to simplify integration with other IT applications or systems (formats XML, CSV)