Objectivity versus subjectivity, the win?


An old anecdote about the three inspectors.

Asked once three inspectors to inspect the vehicle material.
For objectivity blindfolded.
One stood in the front, in the hood, the second stood at the windshield, the third from behind, around the exhaust pipe.
The first knock on the hood and concluded: the car is made of metal.
Second tapped on the glass, conclusion is made of glass.
The third felt tube, the conclusion: the male!
So often in life, three doctors - three different diagnosis, three experts - three different conclusion. A disease -That one! The reason - the subjectivism. Or a personal opinion.
People are pleased when asked their opinion, so their positions are not easily surrender.
You can continue to continue to argue about the causes leading to the accident, and it is possible to apply to physics.
Yours sincerely,
Alexander Simdikov