"X-ray" for Icebreaker

Dear friends! Since you will come in 2016 year!
The first blog this year, we would like to dedicate shipbuilders. Why?
Probably affected family roots of the Black and Azov Seas. This subject is very close to us and important.
The complexity of creating a navigable platform driven by their autonomy, work in different climatic conditions, extreme conditionswork, and very often for wear, in order to survive the storm.
Usually, experts do not bring too many innovations in new development (usually up to 30%) because of the possible large number of potential and unforeseen failures. Now, let us imagine a new vessel with modernization percentage is much ... much more than 30%!
Of course, the tests can be increased, their depth. But the high cost of finance, time. Can all these failures to calculate the theoretical / automatically.
The logic and the foundations of physics, which has not been canceled, underlie MADE (Integration with Siemens TC -TeamCentre).
As we wrote earlier, on some ships the number of parts can be up to a billion, komponentov- to a million! A number of causal relationships will not tell anybody.
Our program automatically AMICMADe спсобна импортировать в себя любую инженерную 3D модель, создать её  функциональную “двойняшку” и вычислить не только количество причино-следственных связей, но и сообщить инженерам, как и в какой последовательности будут отказывать те или иные компоненты/узлы, если откажет какой-нибудь агрегат/компонент/деталь.
MADe recognizes the mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic system, coupled with the software as an integral and indivisible state of engineering functional "health" of a ship or vessel.
It is not necessary to discard the old, proven methods of calculations on reliability. You can simultaneously make a "x-ray" ship PATES (floating nuclear power plant), the ice-breaker, and so on, without disrupting the integration of established working processes of the enterprise.
А вот теперь можно говорить о серьёзном сокращении сроков расчётов, предвидение потенциальных отказов наперёд, а значит быть готовым к ним ещё на стадии чертежей. Всё это сводится к колоссальной экономии времени, средств и нервов, как руководителей предприятий, так и передовых труженников.
Good luck in 2016! Among the new frontiers!
Alexander Yu Simdikov