Dear friends!
Well, we finished our two-week subjects' recall of vehicles. "
In the period from 3 to 17 November this year in our "network" the most conservative data caught 26500000 Revocation cars. And this is only the leaders of the industry, the cream of the elite and the automotive industry.
This statistic speaks of the antiquated methods of calculation reliability.
This subjective analysis methods (collectively in the tables). Having gathered 10 teams of specialists from different companies and giving them the exact same platform for analysis, these groups will be given 10 tests different from each other. A paradox: one system, and various analyzes 10. What to believe?
Therefore, it is time to objective analysis, independent of experience or rank Committee AMIC.
Furthermore, an objective assessment of reliability built on the functional model MADeIt enables engineers to conduct high-speed calculations (minutes) after every modification or change in operating structure.
All of these responses cars passed serious tests and designed by experienced engineers, still speak a million! But you can avoid it. I mean financial losses and loss of image.
Your Alex .... "