This beautiful and strong Finland

AES Finland Hankivi

Once, watching the news on TV with svom son, surprised, as one senior official rhetorically asked the audience: "... well, that Russia eksporiruet? Vodka and caviar! .. "

My youngest son looked at me sadly, being born of the boundary of his love for Russia at times brighter than some "natives."
I reassured him by saying that this gentleman does not differ erudition in the matter. And he added:
Armament: Kalashnikov, aircraft, ships.
Space: Space engines.
Energy carrier: oil, gas.
Base aviation all over the world: Titanium and ...
peaceful nuclear power stations equipment (NPP).
Standards? The most severe! Most highest!
Aircraft worldwide, leaders of civil aviation titanium to Boeing and Airbus, the RD-180 US nuclear power plants around the world, includingFinland. Why am I singled out Finland? Yes, because the Finns the best, strict safety standards.
IAEA standards and Euro-standards is not out of the question, there should be, and if possible better, Finns take only the best.
A clear example is the new nuclear power plant under constructionHankivi -1, In the north of Finland.AVPO / FMEAthey determine the binding component risks.
My son's eyes softened and his face shone even brighter ray of pride for Russia.
I hope that the Finns prefer promisingobjective-AUTOMATICanaliza method of reducing the risk ... subjective.
Happy holiday Defender of the Fatherland!
Alexander Simdikov.